Frequently Asked Questions


Home Exchange is an arrangement in which two property owners exchange houses for an agreed period of time. For the duration of the exchange, each person lives in and take care of the other person's home. The exchange is rent-free.
Before exchanging homes its best to establish a relationship through e-mails and phone calls. Remove any valuables from your home prior to the exchange. You can have a family member or friend greet your exchange family and check in on them during the exchange. And remember - while they are staying in your home, you are staying in theirs.
Check with your insurance company regarding your individual policy, however it's rare for insurance not to cover your home swap partners as invited guests in your home. And rather than worry about people you have never met living in your home, just consider the added security you now have knowing someone is caring for your home in your absence.
No doubt the biggest benefit of home exchange is saving money. You can save thousands of euro on a typical exchange. But there are also other great benefits such as, experiencing a different culture first hand, enjoying all the space and convenience of staying in a real home rather than a cramped hotel room.

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